Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Daytrip from Wasserburg up to the Pfänder Mountain by ship and cable car

From the Pfaender mountain (1050 m oversea level ) you have a wonderful view on the Eastern part of the Lake Constance and some snow covered peaks of the Alps.

Regarding Restaurant "Gaststätte auf der Schwedenschanz": During the 30-year-war the Swedish General Carl Gustav Wrangel conquered Bregenz in 1647. He was coming from the Allgau via the Pfaender-ridge. As a defense facility Bregenz had built a redoubt, called "Schwedenschanze" where now the Restaurant stands. Some trenches of this redoubt are still there. The defense at this site militarily seen was difficult, because the Swedish could fire into the redoubt from higher situated mountains.

Motorship "Baden"

Start at Wasserburg

Passing Lindau


Port Entrance Lindau
Light House Lindau

Heraldic animal of Bavaria: Lion


Inside port of Lindau

Bregenz / Austria - tourist ship "Sonnenkönigin"

Valley station of  the Pfänderseilbahn 
Cable car and valley station in 1957

One of the two cable cars
Inside the cable car

Mountain station of the cable car

Viewing platform of the mountain station

Conglomerate rock the Pfänder Mountain contents of

Restaurant "Berghaus Pfänder"
Inside Restaurant "Berghaus Pfänder"

Restaurant "Berghaus Pfänder" - Observation terrace

Restaurant "Berghaus Pfänder" in 1957

Directional transmitter station Pfänder

Restaurant "Pfänderspitze"

Summit cross Pfänder
Restaurant "Gaststätte auf der Schwedenschanz"


Back from Bregenz to Wasserburg by motor ship "München"